An answer to Miko Peled’ antisemitic blog

Below is my response to the racist antisemitic, anti israel, anti jewish, blog of Miko Peled. Yes i know he was born jewish. But he lacks any jewish feelings of pride in his judaism. To him, israel is a random piece of real estate, with a susspect title deed, nothing more… Israeli soldiers, who are justly defending their citizens, are ‘gestapo’…
So yes, Miko Peled is an antisemite.

Your comparing of israel to nazi regime is sick, unjust, and insulting to all the jews, dead AND alive. Your comparing of hard working, dedicated border checkpoint soldier to a ‘smiling gestapo’ is an insult to humanity, judaism, history, and justice.

Nazis attacked jews for no good reason, as scape goats, out of pure unreasonable hate.
Nazis had their own state, yet they invaded other states, in spirit of expansionalism,
just as every arab state in existence today.

In contrast, israel was found on largely EMPTY DESERTED TERRITORY. yes arabs lived there, but therr was PLENTY OF SPACE TO SHARE AND PROSPER TOGETHER.

Arabs had a choice, they could live in peace TOGETHER with jews, on equal terms, and prosper.

For whatever reason, politically fanned hate, based perhaps on quran, arabs decided that the existence of jewish state is an insult to islam (which isn’t true, actually quran itself predicts the rebuilding of jewish state, just as our torah does).

Physically, there was enough space for both jews and arabs, but arab gang violence and their constant attacks on jewish yishuv naturally provoked reprisals from the young secular jews who came to actually SETTLE and build up the land, unlike the old religious yishuv which had no such aspirations.

The old religious jewish settlements in israel (generically called ‘palestine,’, -there was no ‘palestinian’ state as such, just as there was no ‘israeli’ state, the WHOLE area was called ‘palestine’ or israel, interchangeably)
, the old jewish religious yishuv was not interested in building or greatly expanding, or organizing politically, yet they kept being attacked by arab gangs, like for example the infamous 1929 hebron massacre of totally non political rabbinical studens by violent arab gangs.

Arabs had a choice- to stay and cooperate with the secular growth-oriented zionists, and prosper TOGETHER, or to hope to eradicate them, cause the entire project to fail, and mantain the status quo of arab numerical and power dominance.

The arab gamble failed. Jews won, again and again, bcuz they weren’t just fighting a local skirmish, like it probably largely was to arabs…
In jewish eyes, both the local ones, and the world wide jewish diaspora, the success of the settlements in ‘palestine’ represented yearning of thousands of years of religious and cultural yearning of every jew, which is something mr.Peled, as a secular person (without any religious feelings or even any amount of a sense of jewish belonging) does not identify with.

To Mr.Peled, israel is just an address. Not an answer to thousands of years of daily prayers.

So, he doesn’t comprehend why the jews from poland, russia, yemen, turkey, hungary, tunisia, france, algeria and other places, would come and fight for the right to LEGALLY call that land their own.
To ‘Miko’ Peled, it wasn’t the ‘holy’ land. It was and is, just a land.

And why would anyone fight for just a plain ol’ piece of land? If it isn’t anything special, one has no reason to FIGHT for it.

Sadly, Miko Peled has no national dreams. Miko Peled has no religious dreams. To him, this all struggle makes no sense.
He fails to note that if jews didnt organize and defend themselves, there would be no ‘israel’ as a state. There might be some jewish presence in the area, like in times of ottoman or british mandate.

But, it would not inspire jewish pride. It would be prone to whims of the local ruler, either some random arab or british condescending indifferent diplomat.       

What we have now is exactly the opposite.
We have a proud jewish state, not without problems, both internal and external, but one which won’t put up with endless attacks on their rightful citizens.
Yes, even if it harms the ‘palestinians’. Israel’s first duty is to degend their state.

That’s something mr.Peled fails to take pride in.


9 thoughts on “An answer to Miko Peled’ antisemitic blog

  1. You take Peled too seriously. He’s simply another ranting outpatient. Antisemitic Jews are evolutionary freaks for whom one can thank two thousand years of Christian antisemitism. The only “proof” Peled gives for his revised history – in which he Blames the Jews For Everything (yawn) – is his pedigree. So he meets the definition of antisemite. Ditto anyone who believes him. Anyone who thinks Miko is a “brave truth-teller” should see this video. Worth spreading around:

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  3. I viewed your video. Le me explain something about humans. If I live in my house, and then someone else comes along and claims it, and so other group which might have the backing of other groups allows the intruder to keep my house, what do you think I might do? You don’t have to be a nuclear scientist to know what I would do.
    The 1967 war was waged by parties who had had deep rooted hate for each other. Especially Nasser who hated that Israel existed. I do grant you that; nevertheless, that still does not explain why Israel continues, to this day 11/21/2015, to pursue policies against Palestinians citizens that want to have the same protection and privileges to Jewish Israelis? That I do not comprehend.
    In addition there is a report of atrocities, bombing by Israel during the summer of 2014. Can you explain to Americans why would a sovereign nation bomb civilian targets?
    Americans are not fooled that Airport security is design to catch bombers, that is a dilution. Similarly, the WALL, and those apartheid laws are a mass diversion from the real issue. Israel does not want to give Palestinians the right to self govern, in addition, it views Palestinians as a threat to their program. No different than when America decided on Genocide against Native Americans, and fought to keep slavery forever.

    1. Israel does not do things capriciously ”just for the fun of it”. Check points are needed bcuz arabs CONSTANTLY try to smuggle weapons. Gazans are victims of their leaders’ extreme brain washing. I follow both israeli and arab media- i see how extremely selective muslim media is about ONLY reporting THEIR SIDE. positive actions by jews or israel are NEVER reported unless they could be used as a pro-muslim spin! The most heinous crimes perpetrated by muslims are either condoned or blamed on the ubiquitous ,,zionists,,.

    2. jews were perfectly happy sharing the land- even though it is the ONLY jewish state on the planet, while there are MANY muslim ones.
      Arabs REFUSED israel’s offer of two state solution in 1948. in response, ALL surrounding arab states have ATTACKED israel. Muslims just want the jews NOT to have the land. Many Muslims would rather suffer oppression under each other, than live free in democratic, modern israel.

      1. Judaism is the ONLY religion whose observances are tied to the land of israel. Not islam, not christiąnity believe in being commanded to celebrate many rituals ONLY in israel. interestingly quran has many verses confirming it.
        So even islamic scriptures affirm JEWISH connection to israel.

    3. american media does not report muslims’ almost DAILY attacks on israeli citizens- huge boulders crashing thru car windows injuring or killing, the car rammings,the stabbings of random innocent israeli citizens, the gasoline bottles thrown, the tunnels…
      Israel has no choice but to maintain protective measures.

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