•Thoughts after watching the Wonderwoman movie•

So our group of friends decided to see the ‘Wonderwoman’ movie yesterday… We all enjoyed it and were surprised how emotionally swept away we felt.

But in spite of thoroughly enjoying the movie and being in love with Gal Gadot’s radiant smile, I felt vaguely… manipulated…
So the Amazon princess Diana has discovered what we all knew- that humanity is a mixture of noble and hateful impulses. The movie’s ”deep” answer? ”We need love, not war!”.

Yes I know it’s ‘only’ a Holywood flick, an adaptation of a COMIC strip for Moses’ sake!!!

But seriously? ”we need love not hate”? Is THAT the panacea?
We just ”love” each other and all the corrupt politicians and the crazy jihadists and the drug cartels and the shallow soulless empty commecialized society will magically correct themselves if only we ”love each other more”?
I know i’m over-reacting to just a summer movie; but i just felt manipulated and played and ‘handled’, having had my emotions expertly tweaked just to sell tickets…
Yes i know i shouldn’t expect deep spiritual solutions from a Wonderwoman movie…. but… WHAT ARE THE ANSWERS to the problem of the spread of evil???

I think that just as Diana’s Amazons, we always need to stay EDUCATED about the state of the world, about the background of various major players’ motivations, and about our enemies’ goals, to always stay a step ahead of the world’s evil. ‘Keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer!’. Knowledge is power.
My guess why Gal Gadot’s performance feels so authenticly honest? Because she MEANT IT AND SPOKE FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!!

Gal Gadot, as an israeli and as a descendant of holocaust survivors, knows PERSONALLY about the consequences of allowing the evil spread unchecked.

Israel deals with the issue of having to check the spread of evil’s influence every single day, both internally and externally, being surrounded by billions of irrational extremist enemies. Gal Gadot knows that the evil CAN be stopped, but it’s a life’s JOURNEY, not a single panoramic battle.

Holywood soundbite slogans won’t save the earth from self-destruction. Achieving peace is done through through constant active support of the right-minded factions, and through constant vigilance, keeping tabs about everyone’s motives, including our own.
°°°World peace is real work, just as everything else…


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