•Sefirot and paganism•

For several years already, I have been fruitlessly ruminating on these two questions: 1) What is the practical theological importance of the sephirot, and 2) Why does Go-d consider paganism as such grave transgression. What’s the big deal if a person is a decent, moral, neighborly human being – who just happens to worship many ‘gods’ or powers? Why is it considered such grave sin that had to be mentioned in the Decalogue?

-Most of the Hindus I have encountered might worship many ‘gods’- but they are generally intelligent, peaceful, cultured and gentle human beings. So, what exactly is wrong with worship of many deities?

The answer to both questions has just occured to me and I’ve rushed to note it down before I forget.

If one worships several deities, one cannot truly be spiritually focused: If one worships a ‘god’ of the sun and the ‘goddess’ of the ”mother earth” (for example), those two ‘gods’ are SEPARATE from each other. They don’t form any true synergy. They might have converging areas of dominance, but nevertheless they don’t present a unified spiritual panorama.

And what about the areas which are NOT under the specific domain of these two specific  powers? Do we have to recognize and appeal to each specific deity of every known force in the universe? Do we have to light zillion candles and establish zillion altars to each and every supposed spiritual entity??? Such worship is inherently flawed in its inherent divisiveness.

Viewing the Universe as an interconnected ‘puzzle’ or a unified organism- makes so much more sense. In monotheism everything has its place and purpose, all united in universal symphony.

And, that’s where the sefirot come in: Sefirot teach that each and every component of Go’ds created reality has a spectrum of ‘configurations’ or ‘filters’, or ‘projectors’, through which Go’ds sustaining force operates (or manifests).

The concept of sefirot teaches us that even though the paganism sees all worldly forces as ‘seperate’, or seemingly working toward OPPOSITE goals- in truth, all worldly forces stem from One SOURCE: Go’d; and they all serve His purpose, each one contributing its own unique ‘flavor’ to maintaining Go’ds infinitely intricate edifice…

(I’m aware that this explanation is very simplistic and incomplete. But it helps me to wrap my brain around these two concepts)


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