Born Again Jew

I was watching a film ”A Little Bit of Faith” about a sports writer guy being asked to write his rabbi’s eulogy. So during the movie, one of the characters (a reformed ex-criminal pastor), poses the question about change: can the person truly reform oneself? Can one free oneself of one’s demons and become a new person?

So I started thinking about it…

And this quote came to me: “One cannot swim twice in the same river”.

Not only is change possible, but it is UNAVOIDABLE.

I am different at every moment. Each thought, each breath, each interaction, each heart beat changes who we are.

Each moment can be destructive, or CONSTRUCTIVE. Each firing of our neurons can build or destroy. Each step of our feet can bring us closer or further from our goals.

So… can we be ‘born again’?

We ARE being ‘born again’ at every moment. We ARE change.

No change is permanent but DEATH. If a person ceases to build, to aspire, to CLIMB… then there is nothing.

There is good, there’s evil, and there is death.

Life builds. Death destroys.

Chose life!


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