Jewish Trinity

chrystians like to give the example of water to illustrate the concept of their triune deity. The example goes as follows: water can have three basic states- liquid, solid, and vapor, yet it is all the same water.

Here i’ll try to explain how this example is not just wrong, but heretical and misleading. i’ll also let u in on a secret- jews have the concept of ‘trinity’ too…

-true, water might have three basic states of matter it appears in, but to refer to water as ONLY interacting with us in ONLY these three ways would be EXTREMELY MISLEADING. moreover, it would DETRACT from the very ESSENCE of water- as the universal solvent, life giver, deliverer of nutrients, 90% or so of our bodies, etc.

To insist that we MUST approach the subject of water ”ONLY” through its frozen form, would be grossly misleading. The MAIN quality of water is- it is EVERYWHERE. As a matter of fact, judaism compares Go’ds TORAH to life-giving water…

So water is NOT these three states of being. Water is H²O within our bodies, it is falling from the sky, it is clouds, it is the oceans and rivers. It is the very blood flowing in our veins, as well as urine flushing out the impurities out of our bodies.

To focus on the three basic physical states water appears in would be misleading. and unnecessary. And lets remember of millions of innocent loyal jews who gave their lives for refusing to trivialize our Almighty Creator to such nonsensical arithmetic.

Go’d is INFINITE, UNLIMITED in every possible way- unbound by skin or heart beat or oxygen or physical wounds. Go’d is the CREATOR and the SUSTAINER of everything. 

To insist that we need to approach Go-d’s presence through some long gone brief supposed episode of being ’embodied’ in certain jewish maveric individual named Josh is soooo senseless and MISLEADING to the whole spirit of monotheism!!! in fact, according to the first, second, third and the ninth commandments of Go-d given Decalogue- it is plainly HERETICAL BLASPHEMY no different than Hindu worship of the murderous Ka li, or elephant Ga nesh or blueman Krish na…

Now about jewish ”trinity”: three major tenets of judaism is Go’d, His Torah, and Israel.

why is it important? well, one might doubt that the Creator would be interested in continued relationship or moral conduct of His creation- hence our sages stress the unbroken bond between Go’d and humanity through His revealed will- duly ‘notarized’ for all generations in the form of Five Books of Moses, the oral transmission and the entity it was given to- the Children of israel. 

final note- Go’d might have communicated with us through burning bush, talking donkey,angels, etc, yet nobody WORSHIPS those entities nor insists that we ”must” approach Go’d solely through  His donkey configuration😃


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