Mattew 19 :9. seems to forbid divorce, unless infidelity has taken place.

Did Gd change his mind? Was jezes allowed to go against Gd’s will?
If there’s no love between spouses, why torture each other? That’s not a kindness to neither party…

Mattew 19:12
seems to praise staying unmarried, if one is able…
Being fruitful and multiplying was Gd’s first commandment to Adam, which seems to apply to everyone, jews or gentiles… Gd wants us to be fruitful and productive, which is stressed in several places. 1:22, 1:28.

It is repeated several times, in different forms, Gen., 2:15, 3:23 (about working the land, not multiplying.), to stress that being productive is what Gd wants us to be.

Of course we can be productive by ourselves and by teaching others, but all the potential of ‘fiiling and working the land’ increases when one raises one’s children.

We see it as an integral part of Gd’s plan…

So how can jezes deny it? Or even imply it not to be what Gd wants from humanity? If jezes was to be an example for our conduct, for humanity, that isn’t something Gd mentioned anywhere…

Gd wants us to take a wife, to complete each other, to help each other, to work the land and make it a better place for everyone…


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