One G-d

Been thinking… about the current tragic situation in Israel and about the state of civilization in general… All monotheistic faiths agree that our Creator has revealed His will at mt.Sinai.

Muhammd stated openly in quran that he was sent as a ‘rasul’, messenger, to reinforce, not abolish, the message of the torah. He calls the Torah in several places in quran – a book of light, guidance etc. Not just to the jews, but to the entire human race. See for ex. Quran sura 28:43, where he says so plainly. In surah 6:19, he accusses some jews of hiding the teachings of the torah, but he does call it ” a guidance for all people”.

Mr. Jezes, in his testament written after his death by his followers, who seems to me, as an observant jew, was mainly concerned with practicing the torah without absorbing its ethical spiritual message. As Mattew 5:19 states, one is not allowed to dispense with even the smalles detail of Gd’s law.

The gentiles are mainly offended that the jews don’t accept THEIR messanger. But we jews certainly do accept the MESSAGE!!!… Every jew, from chasidish, to the least observant, perhaps even an agnostic, will agree in the fundamental message of the torah= we are all created as a part of one human race, related to each other, and what is expected of us is to be productive, to make a difference, and to coexist peacefully in this world.

So, does it make sense for the muslims to want to kill us and to dispossess us from our inheritance,
Eretz Yisrael, just bcuz we were commanded to follow the torah and nothing else???

The quran plainly states many times that Allah commanded the jews to follow their book, their guidance, AND NOTHING ELSE. So, as a jew, i am considered a good muslim with my rejecting muhammad, bcuz the quran itself commands the jews to follow the torah and nothing else. (surahs 2:136, 2:21, 2:40, 2:53, 2:63, 2:83, 3:144, 3:84, 5:44, 17:2 etc)  ………… Quran even states plainly that jews were given the land of israel by Allah himself (5:21, 17:104 etc.

So, aren,t the xians and the muslims ‘pouring the baby out with the bath water’? Isn’t revering our Creator more important than… muhammad??? If muhammad’s main purpose was to reinforce the message of the torah,((17:90-93, 11:12)) , why not leave the jews alone, to let them learn and practice their torah, preferably in israel, with the rebuilt Temple. (as mentioned in quran sura )17:7, which also grudgingly hints at rebuilding of the third temple)

And concerning mr. J, even if the jews reject his being an incarnation or an embodiment of the Divine, we nevertheless wholeheartedly embrace the underlying message of living by Gd’s law. So even if we don,t subscribe to the idea that Gd has allowed himself to be killed as a ‘sign of his love’, we don’t deny his love or grace, nor his willingness to pardon and forgive our sins.

Again, it seems to me, that as important the persona of jezes is in xianity, it only matters IF IT BRINGS US CLOSE TO G.OD. And, my dear xian and muslim friends, we’ve never left his presence…

Sure there were sinners, and plenty of them, in our history, but when we were struggling how to best fulfill his will, gentiles bowed to trees and animals…

There was always a loyal following of the righteous loyal jews, living acc to Gd’s torah, praying for his closeness and forgiveness, sure of his love, mercy and grace… with or without jezes’ dying.

(And really, if jezes is an aspect of Gd, we have the same Gd. Why would our refusal to buy into the concept that the limitless, omnipresent, incorporeal Gd has decided to incarnate himself after impregnating a poor engaged to be married Miriam, as her son, and then died to gain us all forgiveness and grace… why would our rejection of this admittedy strange story disqualify us as Gd’s nation?

never doubted Gd’s love or ability to forgive, even when we were murdered, hounded, burned at stake, expelled and forcibly converted by xians and muslims.

We don’t need Gd to die for us to feel his love, for we’ve been dying for him from the very beginning…


6 thoughts on “One G-d

  1. Zal & co. U got it wrong mate … We (mostly conscientious Jews, Christians & Muslims and HR, Socio-Eco activists) are Opposed to ‘Israeli’ acts of oppression, injustice, war & terror in the Holy Land, and committed to G-D’s revelation in Torah/Bible & Quran … Which calls for Justice.

    1. Jews are conmanded to honor and protect life. Our families rely on us for protection, among other things.

      Hamas and their ilk, in spite of their own scriptures, ignore jews’ right to share the land of israel.
      Hamas had been PURPOSELY TARGETING jewish civilians, schools, wedding halls,pizza stores and discos. They target tourist and passanger buses.

      In contrast, israel makes an effort to AVOID civilian casualties.

      Hamas has had a choice, to either place their rockey launchers in EMPTY houses, or in unoccupied locations, so as not to direct israel’s retaliations to a civilian target.
      Israel went ABOVE AND BEYOND their humanitarian duty, with dropping warning flyers and phoning/texting palestinians about an incoming hit.

      In contrast, hamas was AIMING at jewish civilian targets.

      Hamasm rockets were not doing much damage strategically… it was a hopefully deadly useless symbolic gesture, SURE TO DRAW RETURN FIRE.

      So why did hamas put their own ppl in jeopardy???

    2. ‘Justice’ is opposing Hamas’ killing of israeli civilians and constant firing from inhabited civilian areas. There is plenty of areas empty of civilian population.

    3. HAQ, self defence is basic human right and obligation. I don’t know why u wrote Israel in ”quotation” marks.

      Israel’s FIRST obligation is to defend themselves from attacks on their borders and their citizens.

      Israel tries to avoid civilian casualties in gaza, but when hamas’ terrorists are dressed in regular civilian clothing and are operating from among civilian housing, israel has absolutely no obligation to warn gazans about the time and place of retaliation. But they do.

      Your outrage is 100% misdirected. Rage against hamass.

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