On May 5, 2014 12:43 AM, “Zal Slwx” wrote:
> it struck me this shabbos how little of the sefiras haOmer we actually mention while counting the omer!
> while the mitzvah refers to bringing an offering of barley for the period of the sefira, it culminates with bringing an offering of wheat.
> imho it begs various thoughts about sanctity of food, different levels of sustenance, feeding of animals -since barley was considered mainly lifestock food unfit for human consumption, or maybe the theme here is nurturing our higher consciousness…
> But the preceding prayer prior to the nightly counting of the Omer does not mention anything about nourishmet. It only mentions sefiros which seem not to have any open connection to eating. The sefiros mentioned talk about spiritual realms like chesed and gevurah and tiferes etc.
> While on the spiritual level practically all things are connected -since they all stem from one SOURCE,
> it would seem proper to focus on gratitude for our nourishment, ex. “ein kemach, ein torah” or such.
> Gd gave us a commandment to focus on levels and spiritual effects of FOOD. i feel that there is very little of that in the sefiras haOmer count. in fact we might give some thought to food and its life-affirming properties MORE without those preceding prayers referring  to spiritual realms.
> so maybe those prayers actualy detract from the intended purpose?
> What i.d propose is to make those days the International Jewish Dieting Season, with Jewging, Jewmba, Jewmnastics, post-passover “burn the calories” family meetings (modeled on the chometz burning we did before passover)
> I.m sure it would fit wonderfully with all the liberal new age hebrew crowd, green peace and save the earth high fiber movements…
> We have here an entire unexplored layer of meaning, just begging to be explored, meditated on, preached and prayed on! Just remember, you’ve heard it here first:
> let it be known that Shlomo Zalman ben Chana, wrote  on the first day after parsha Emor (which mentions  both counting the Omer as well as potentially destructive power of speech), and on the first day of Parshas BeHar, when we should increase our awareness of our attachement to Mother Earth, holiness of crops, agricultural exploitation of the economically underprivilleged and the advantages of wearing tie-dyied tshirts and torn jeans!
> Remember you’ve read it here first on ShlomoZalman’s prescient blog if it starts a trend.
> i.d like to understand this issue better if anyone has any thoughts…


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