three major religions?

Some people will say that religion is intrinsically illogical and against science…

Well, I think they’d be wrong.

‘IF’ for example the evolution is proven, and not a theory anymore, I’d have no problem with it.

Many older rabbinical authorities have written that there were ‘different worlds’ before this one, and so I have no problem with a theory that claims all created beings are somehow related and have similar build, structure, molecular/chemical composition etc.

But i digress… This is about Crustianity, Is-lame and Judaism…

Ok, so on the surface – both Crustians and Moose-lames are very piously announcing that they ‘respect and venerate’ the prophecy of the ‘Old’ Testament… Yes, they have no problem with the fact that sometime in ancient history, God has decided to reveal His most precious treasure, his Torah, His recipe for LIFE, to a tiny little stubborn band of kikes ;-p

But, when it comes to the PRESENT, buth Crustians and Moo-slimers have developed an ingenious ‘defence mechanism’ to talk themselves into various states of denial against God’s will.

1-let’s see the Crustians. They have come up with an ingenious mental acrobacy regiment:

‘yes, God has indeed revealed his will to the ‘Israelites’. But – gasp- they were only HUMAN!!! AND THEY HAVE SINNED AGAINST THE LORD!!! (In vain do i remind them at this point that God is not retarded- He knew we are Human- he has created us!!! Ergo- he knew we are a sinful little breed. But, isn’t it PRECISELY why we NEED the Torah???”)

No, the single-minded Crustians insist that one-strike and you’re out in God’s rule book! According to their curious crustacian logic, God is a sin-Nazi, waiting with bated breath to see us poor sinful humans stumble into the mire of iniquitous abandon… only to dispatch us gleefully into everlasting perdition!

In vain do I proclaim, a lone voice in the wilderness, that God is a good and forgiving Father to us all, who WANTS us to succede!!!

No, in the black-and-white minds of the crustian theology, the God of the ‘old’ testament is a prig, a stickler for detail and an ornery sadist, who has invented the Torah not as a benevolent guide for living, but as a cruel obstacle course, to run us through and fail us one after the other!!!

An interesting reaction happens when I ask innocently, ‘but don’t you believe that Jebus is but another form, expression of God? And if God& Jebus are really the same thing, so why  you have no trouble believing that jebus is all fuzzy wuzzy and forgiving and lovey-dovey, but God is Mr.Meany???’

So, at this point they usually go into their shpiel how Jebus HAD to emerge in human form, from a virgin nonetheless, and, strangely, die (?) to show his everlasting love for the humanity!!! 

At which point i love to ask in all innocence : ‘How does the belief in Jebus emerging from the vagina of some poor jewish girl help me relate to God as a benevolent creator? Does God lack imgination? Was he forced to squeeze himself in some undeservingly ‘virgin’ uterus, to be able to say in Clintonian accent ‘I feel your pain’?

At that point I can expect a self-righteous indignation ‘Why, you lack FAITH in God’s ability to shape-shift!’ LOL

‘Well well’ I’m wont to reply; ‘God could have taken a form of Mickey Mouse or better, Mendel the Mouse… but he didn’t! Why didn’t he??? CUZ THERE WAS NO NEED FOR THAT!!! And how in the world his suicide on a stick will prove his LOVE OF HUMANITY???’

I have corresponded with ministers, priests, preachers etc, but was not able to receive an answer…

Cuz whatever they tell me about Jebus, I see in God. Whatever virtues they see in this poor defenseless figure of long-dead Jebus, I see in my Creator, who has chosen the Jews to be his torch-bearers not cuz we are better or smarter or less sinful, but because of OUR STUBBORNESS!!!

We believe in doing the right thing and not even God will stand in our way!!!  If we think something is not right, we will let you know, NO MATTER WHO U ARE!!!

If I look at various nations, I see some national stereotypes, but i also see that the bottom line is- most folks WANT TO HAVE A GOOD LIFE. It isnt anything bad to desire a warm haven, a safe spot and a better future for the young-uns etc. But my impression is, Jews are singularly interested in doing the RIGHT THING MORE THAN DOING THE BENEFICIAL THING FOR THEMSELVES.

Jews have always been the first ones to rush to various new ‘isms’- communism, ashrams, Bhuddism, Hinduism, humanism, etc. Jews are always searching for answers, looking for solutions, that’s why we are teachers, doctors, lawyers, social workers, humanists, philosophers…

We don’t just want accumulate the most ‘toys’. No, in our innermost being, we want to DO THE RIGHT THING. we want to improve the world, make it more just, more humane, more MEANINGFUL.

And, it is my gut feeling, this is exactly what God wants with this world as well… So it’s a pretty good match…

So, when the Crustians start droning on-and-on about the ‘curse of the Law’, and about how ‘impossible’ it is to ‘fulfill’ , I stop them in their tracks and ask ‘Why would God give us the Torah then?’

‘Well, God gave you Jews a chance, and you sinned, you have screwed up’

Huh? you mean to say that God, who is omniscient, has gone to all that trouble, the ten plagues in Egypt, the splitting of the sea, the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud, the manna from heaven, and the revelation on Mt Sinai, all for nothing??? Just to cancel it all cuz Jebus has emerged from the un-virgin vagina just to die for our sins!!!

(I know, i know, he has ‘fulfilled’ all the commandments, so we don’t have to do them anymore; just as he has wiped his …nose, so we don’t have to wipe our …noses; cuz he has fulfilled the nose-wiping ideal, so we can live assured that our noses are ‘saved’ from any serious snot.)

So, through this little absurd theology, God is a mean old codger, who has burdened us with impossible petty rules. But Jebus, who is really the same God, has decided to turn over a new leaf, tried going ‘native’ and then let himself be offed by his own people, or the romans whatever.

…and that’s my dear boys and girls is how Jebus has ‘saved’ us…

BTW no cat-lick or a pro-testant was able to explain me how Jebus’ ‘salivation’ is different from saying that God is good, loving and merciful. No, in the frenzied Crustian minds, ONLY through Jebus’ curious mutation into a real boy (did God develop a Pinoccio complex?) is God able to express his love for us. no other way will do…

In vain do I ask- why is it so difficult to conceive God as at least moderately intelligent creator, who KNEW that jews will most likely sin, AND THAT’S WHY, PRECISELY, THEY GOT THE TORAH, TO WORK ON THEMSELVES DARN IT!!!

I have given up to understand the crustian theology. It seems that their God is a schizophrenic, who has a multiple-personality disorder. While he was in his ‘god’ mode, he had a mean streak, he was pedantic and petty drill sergeant. It was only after he was subjected to his nine-month un-virgin uterus therapy, was he able to emerge as a butterfly from a cocoon, a new glorious loving mr. Jebus, bursting with flavor and with love for Humanity.

But the way I see it, Jebus blashphemed against God. Jebus doubted both God and humanity.

Jebus doubted that God is capable of crafting a Law which is able to transform us.

Jebus doubted in God’s ability to understand human weakness and our potential for greatness.

Jebus thought he was smarter than God. He though that God was WRONG in giving us, mere mortals, his Torah. Jebus (or at least his disciples) have endlessly harped how ‘impossible’ and unachievable the Lord’s Law is.

But you see, God had no problem giving us his precious Torah (which means ‘instruction’ in the holy tongue), even though he knew we will be able to live by it IMPERFECTLY…


AND I HAVE SEEN ALL THE ‘PROOFS’. if anyone is interested, go to to see most crustian ‘proofs’ very competently dismantled by Rabbi Singer.

On to the Moo-slimers of the Is-lambic persuasion…


Moose-slimes claim that they ‘accept’ the Torah, but today’s Torah is not the actual word of Allah we got on Sinai. Moose-slimes claim that the wicked falsifying Jews have callously ‘corrupted’ our holy Torah so whatever we have is but a pale imitation, not really worthy of attention. Of course, they will base their spurious religion on the unshakeable foundation of the Torah. But in practice, they spew hate against the Jews and against Israel, in spite of the fact that their own Koran writes plainly of Allah’s special relationship with the Yahud. Even the fact that Israel is Allah’s gift to the Jews is plainly stated in their Cur-ran.

So is in the Koran the miracles of Egypt, the splitting of the sea, there is a description of Allah’s wrath against the Jews’ desecration of the Sabbath etc.,

The Mt. Sinai revelation of the Law, Musa Nabi (Moses the Prophet) are described in pretty exaustive detail.

In spite of all these Judaism-affirming details, Koran is chuck-full of bitter vituperous hate towards the Jews, calling them sinners, deceivers, monkeys, apes, and inciting for their extermination.

As a matter of fact, we Jews pray for a Messiah who will bring universal peace to Jew and gentile alike. Thus, our Messiah, Mashiach, is a harbinger of universal unity and prosperity, peace and good will to all nations.

But the Moose-slimes pray for the arrival of a Mahdi, who will slaughter thousands of Jews and force everyone to be a moose-slime. Check it out. (but watch out for crustian propaganda on that site, while they are pretty straight-forward with dissecting the Is-lame, they are very sneaky trying to contaminate us with the Jebus heresy.

(why heresy, u’ll ask? well, didnt the second commandment plainly state that God gets annoyed with those who worship any physical representation of him, be it live or created? So, if u ask me, Jebus is precisely such- a physical representation of the Undescribable. Which apparently God has found distasteful. So do we Israelites. That’s why I’d rather gaze at a most boring movie than on the idolatrous visage of mr. Jebus.) 


so in conclusion, both crustians and moo-slimers are very cynically basing their religions on the rock of Judaic tradition, yet they have the unmitigated nerve (we call it chutzpah) to try to be smarter than God himself. They have usurped for themselves our scripture, calling it the “old” testament, as if it had an expiration date or something!!! Both Crustians and Moose-slimes claim that God had a change of heart and has appended his holy Torah (in favor of the ‘Newt Testymint’ or the ridiculous spurious jumbled-up Cur-ran).

Invariably I challenge both Crustians, Jebusians, Moo-slimers, or any religion to show any actual lack of instruction in the Torah which is addressed in their ‘improved’ versions. I have yet to receive a response. You see, if God is indeed suffering from Alzheimers or is simply forgetful, show me any topic in the Newt Testymint or in the Cur-ran which was not yet addressed in our holy Torah. And, my dear friends and citizens, if there is nothing new there, let’s just remain with the true and tested, good ‘old’ Torah…   There is no REASON for God to give us new scriptures, cuz the original is quite serviceable, thank you very much.

Of course, in spite of their various ‘proofs’ there isn’t a verse anywhere in the holy Torah that states that God has ended or suspended his covenant with the maligned Israelites. Just the opposite, the Torah is full of expressions of God’s love for us. All the prophets are passionately describing the abiding love of god to his recalcitrant children, calling us his children, his sister, his wife even.

Yes, as in any ‘marriage’, the relationship between God and the Jews has its ups and downs, yes there are fights and differences of opinion.Yes, some Jews have been ‘adulterous’- we have been lured by the various ‘isms’ or by the smooth talking Crustians, into believing that God does not care for us anymore, that he has a ‘son’ called Jebus, who is standing in the door, barring all our prayers from reaching their Source.

But in spite of the pogroms, inquisitions, auto-da-fes, holocausts, crusades and insidious missionaries masquarading as ‘Jews for Jebus’, we remain loyal to our God, our Torah and to our sacred inheritance- the Land of Israel. So, if there is any trinity worth living or dying for, it’s God, Torah & Israel!

— The Qur’an in Chapter 5: 20-21 states quite clearly: Moses said to his people: O my people! Remember the bounty of God upon you when He bestowed prophets upon you , and made you kings and gave you that which had not been given to anyone before you amongst the nations. O my people! Enter the Holy Land which God has written for you, and do not turn tail, otherwise you will be losers.”

— so, you see, even our enemies agree- God wants us to follow the Torah, live in Israel and be good Jews – not Muslims, not Crustians or Communists!!! 


4 thoughts on “three major religions?

  1. re- Islamic proofs.If one challenges a Muslim to prove the divinity of their Quran, they will say that the Quran is the biggest proof, cuz no human being is capable of writing such clear and beautiful religious document.In response to that, I have quickly dashed a condensed version of a surah, putting in about three sentences what took the Quran several pages, with restating the same issue several times, tediously harping on some issue, without adding anything new.That was the last from that particular correspondent challenging me to match the sublime beauty of Quranic literature.And don’t get me started on the supposed Islamic scientific inventions… Just make a quick search on google to find plenty of logical rebuttals for the so-called ‘science in the Quran’.

  2. i still see no reason to change anything in my daily life based on spurious allegations that some long-dead jew might have been my messiah.about his supposed miraculous revial:what can i say, people all over the world have believed in far stranger stuff.take the mormons and scientology with their souls spilled into a vulcano…or the kool-aid with cyanide cults…u know, people are hungry for something new and exciting.but the same ‘boring’ truth was here all along. before the newt testmint.before quiran.there is something they all agree on, in spite of hating the jews:long time ago, the creator has revealed his is written in a little book called the torah. nobody doubts its veracity.people have been studying it and living by it for thousands of years.following it causes unproportionate percentage of scientists, lawyers and doctors in the family, so be aware !!!true, we are but a fraction of the world religions, but so many of us are involved in humanitarian causes, in art, science, social movements and spite of many trying to kill us for centuries, we tirelessly try to leave this world a better place.

  3. wow, as passionate as always…i don’t know if my first comment even posted.  i pushed a button, and the page went away, so bear with me…i was nominally catholic and i never understand the asking of different saints to intervene on one’s behalf or even the worship of jesus, when all along we should have been going straight to hashem and not only for asking for something, that we should be proclaiming our gratitude.i learned much at my catholic university that could apply to anyone, not just catholics, but what i did learn only served to confirm and even grow my desire to be a jew by choice.  and now that i am, i am learning so much more that makes sense.  i have yet to be confused about anything.  it just all makes sense…i look forward to the next post.annette silva

    1. anette: i am honored that others are reading my digital ruminations. i’m not sure if u’ll find it here on wordpress- i really loved the simplicity of xanga…
      all the bes and feel free to write to me eitherhere or thru my email zal718@gmail. best of luck! z.s.

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