New President Barak Hussein Obama

So, is it really such big deal that the new president is an African American? (by the way I personally hate the term ‘black’ as applied to people, they are not BLACK, more like brown, but I think it objectifies them and categorizes them solely by the color of the skin; saying ‘African American’ shows more of a historical / ethnic origin)…

But, as a ‘white’ caucasian jewish guy, I DO NOT think it is such big deal that the next president is of African American descent. There is a number of African American people in the government, as well as women. So I don’t think it is such a big deal. But- I sort of understand the pride of the Americans of African descent. It is a pride of ‘ownership’, something they could take personal pride…

But I am not happy about Obama’s name and his closeness to Islam. Yes, I don’t think that now is the time to empower a ‘muslim-friendly’ politician, surely not a president…

Would we have chosen an Asian president when USA was at war with Japan? Even one BORN and educated in USA???

Obama’s father and other family members/friends are/were muslims… It is a fact. Even Obama , as a child was registered as Muslim and presumably has had SOME CLOSE religious lessons in Koran.

As anyone with brain would admit- Islam is intent on world-dominance and is very hostile to the western culture and values of freedom. Check out the website (or dot com?) to find out how ‘peaceful’ islam really is.

To be fair, there are some ‘moderate’ muslims, who just want to go on with their lives and are not interested in dominating or bombing anybody in particular. But those moderates are moderate thanks to their SECULAR EDUCATION AND SECULAR VALUES. Their moderacy does not come from being ‘good muslims’ !!! Let’s make that clear.

Islam is very militant, its founder was a militant leader, who had used plunder, lies, subterfuge to achieve his goals. Don’t tell me that it is a ‘universalistic religion of peace’. That’s bunk, and anyone with even cursory knowledge of Koran or Muslim culture, with an ounce of honesty will admit. Of course, the Muslims will NEVER ADMIT THAT. But we have enough translations of Koran to see of ourselves. Yea, and the ‘jihad’ means ‘peaceful self-introspective meditation. If you believe that, how about buying a nice bridge here in Brooklyn!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Obama, I don’t care what color you are, or if you prefer boxers or briefs. But I do care that you’ll undoubtedly will attempt to ‘talk sense’ and try finding ‘common ground’ with the ruthless, blood-thirsty, murderous, hateful fundamentalist Arabs who are only interested in destroying everything I hold dear.

So, yes, I am less than enthused at Obama’s win. Especially since he had reverted to his Islamic name as a conscious decision, in his college years… He used to be known as “Barry’, but he proudly reverted to the heritage of his Islamic father who had LEFT HIM and his white mother. So, to me it shows how strong his attachment to Islamic miasma is…

Be afraid. Be very afraid…


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